[dba-Tech] Building a self-driving car

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Dec 29 04:06:04 CST 2015

Hi Jim

Great job – except that most cars in Europe don’t have an automatic transmission.
But an excellent example of ”proof of concept”.


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Emne: [dba-Tech] Building a self-driving car

It seems that if your car is five years old or less, it is a perfect candidate for full automation. The whole system is being built using Open Source software (Debian/Ubuntu) and the young inventor predicts that a computer system, small enough to fit in the glove box, costing around a thousand dollars, can fully automate your car. A pretty strong statement but the young lad does have the creds to be able to accomplish the task.


I will watch this guys progress with great interest. :-)


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