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Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Thu Jun 12 06:56:45 CDT 2003

On 12 Jun 2003 at 11:43, paul.hartland at fsmail.net wrote:

> To all,
> How do I get the msgbox to detect when the help button is pressed, I have the following code :
>   pubUserResponse = MsgBox("User not found, please check & try again.", vbInformation + vbMsgBoxHelpButton, "**** USER WARNING ****")
>   MsgBox pubUserResponse
> When the msgbox is displayed the ok button works fine but when I click
> the HELP button nothing happens, I assumed that it would store a value
> into pubUserResponse, but the msgbox doesn't even go away after
> clicking help.  So my question is, how do I get to display a little
> help form or msgbox when the user clicks HELP..... 
You need to provide the name of a helpfile and a context:

MsgBox(prompt[, buttons] [, title] [, helpfile, context])

If you do, the help will pop up, but the msgbox will remain until you 
press on of the other buttons.

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