[dba-VB] Fwd: SQL Server / 2003 server locks up

Mark Breen marklbreen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 03:17:59 CDT 2010

Hello John,

I completely echo what Hans-Christian says about TortiseSVN.  It is one
level of comlexity less that doing your checkins in VS.  When I ran into
compatability issues between Tortise and AnKH, I de-installed AnKH and now
happily checkin from the Windows Explorer.  It has the added benefit that I
do not clutter the solution with overlaid icons also.

I know, I know "but I cannot see what needs to be checked in when I am in
VS", but you can easily flick over to Win Explorer and you can still do all
the check-ins there, only it might be safer.

Having said all of that, Joel Spolsky believes that Mecurial is the way of
the future with SCCS.

I installed Mecurial last week and had it up and running in ten minutes, it
is conceptually different than SubVersion.  I value Joel's opinion, so I am
thinking of switching completely to Mecurial.  However, I am trying to
decide whether to run it solely from the command line -  have to admit I do
not favour that - but it might be fun to try.



On 10 June 2010 22:31, Hans-Christian Andersen <ha at phulse.com> wrote:

> John,
> Without looking at code, it would be hard to determine if the issue you are
> suffering from is related to deadlocks or race conditions or misbehaving
> code in your thread model or whatnot... nor is it out of the realm of
> possibility that SQL Server itself is causing the operating system to hang
> at a time of high load from your application, due to its own internal
> operations.
> But by performance graphs, I'm referring to something that collects data of
> your system (cpu, networking, memory, paging, database queries/loads, etc)
> and provides graphs or raw data for you to get a general idea of where the
> problem may lie (take one of my servers, for example:
> http://kungfusus.gotdns.com/munin/localdomain/localhost.localdomain/index.html
> ).
> On my side of the fence in *nix land, I use something called Munin which
> does such a thing. I believe there's even a Munin node for Windows,
> although
> I'm sure there are solutions that suit the Windows environment far better (
> ie. http://www.monitortools.com/ ).
> Long story short, while it may not necessarily spell out what your exact
> problem is, at least you have some information about the mental state of
> your server in the last moments before it shuffled off this mortal coil...
> and
> this can be quite useful in narrowing down where the problem is.
> But, I have to say, it doesn't seem like you are doing anything too
> 'exotic', and considering that SQL Server is used by governments and big
> enterprise, I'd be surprised if there were serious stability problems
> merely
> from the process of exporting and importing.
> With regards to VisualSVN, well, personally, I do all my subversioning from
> the command line, because I felt relying too much on a GUI would one day
> put
> me at a disadvantage, but I recommend http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/ . It
> integrates with Windows Explorer, so it's a level deeper than a plug-in for
> Visual Studio and has always worked rather reliably.
> However, it would be interesting to see if moving your app off to
> a separate workstation solves the problem... I think that would raise more
> questions than it would answer though! :p
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