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Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Thu Mar 22 03:26:08 CDT 2012

Hi Francisco

I may be missing something, but what do mean by "a printable character by xml". The Ø is perfectly printable (at least here where it belongs to our national set of characters!).

By the way, the diameter sign is not really an "O-slash" but a true circle with a 45 degrees angled line across. It can be found in the Symbol OpenType font (symbol.ttf) from Monotype Corporation as well as the old Microsoft Symbol bitmap font, symbole.fon.


>>> fhtapia at gmail.com 22-03-2012 07:23 >>>
anybody here good with regex? or classic ASP?

I need to convert the following Ø to a printable character by xml, I
am using the following object to read a webpage on my server that is not
pre-parsed in XML and it's the way the source system works...The idea is to
be able to yank the text [Liner Kit, 1.75" MAX Ø] out of the original
document and push it back out via XML so when I hit the url it looks like
http://localserver/myhtml2xml.asp and I get a standard xml feed using the
XML document, but I keep getting an error reading that O slash character,
other than that one character I can't seem to nab it, I've tried instr for
the exact character but to no avail, my current function just does a few
instr functions to nab the html down to this node, but I really probably
ought to get down to the span tag instead of the td tag.  If you have
ideas, let me know it's late and I need to get this thing kick started... :(

Set objXMLHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

<td id="ANALYSIS_interactive_pivot_ruid9648" BiTp="h2" cc="5" rr="1382"
align="left" class="urSTTD urSTTDBdr urSTSHL2"
id="ANALYSIS_interactive_mc9691_tv" ct="TV" class="urTxtStd"
style="white-space:nowrap;">Liner Kit, 1.75" MAX Ø</span></td>

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