[dba-VS] Trying to Pull Data from a Local Database via C# code

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Try a Google search like this "building your first database app in C#"

Lots of choices like this:

Then pick the one or those that look similar to what you would like to do. 
Many have down loadable solutions that could help you.


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I am new to Visual Studio and C#.

Recently, I have been experimenting with several small C# programs to better 
understand C# and to document how to do various tasks.

Earlier this week, I used Visual Studio (2013) to set up a small test Local 
database (via Visual Studio facilities) and populate it with a few rows of 

Here is what I did…

Added a new Item “Service-Based Database” named Test1.mdf

Used “Data Sources” to add a new Data Source

Via the Visual Studio “Server Explorer”, I added a new table called tlbTest1 
with just one column named “Field1”

Used “Show Table Data” to view the new table and then added a small number 
of rows.

Used “Data Sources” to add a new data source, checked tblTest1 and then 
dragged this new table to a small Form.

I was then able to view (on the form) the rows that I had added earlier.

So far, things worked nicely.  I was able to establish a new local database, 
set up a new table, add data to this table, and then view this data via a 

Next, I want to figure out how to retrieve the data via C# code.  I have 
found quite a bit of information on the internet and I have made many 
attempts, but no success.

After spending an entire day on this issue, I decided to ask the following 

Does anyone have a simple example of how to pull data from a local database 
with C# code?

I believe that I have the connection string correct, as it appears that the 
“connect” statement seems to be working.

Thank You!


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