[AccessD] Fwd: Backend Database corruption using VPN access

Mark Simms marksimms at verizon.net
Mon Jul 30 20:57:23 CDT 2018


Gang - 
I was just wondering if anyone has run into this problem:
1) LAN-based Access 2016 database
2) Remote access for one user via LogMeIn to a connected machine
3) Other remote users are using a VPN to access the application directly from their remote workstations.

Certain UPDATE/INSERT operations are causing the back-end database to become corrupted...
but only when the VPN users are doing the updates.
The Remote access user does not exhibit this problem....nor do the locally connected users.

Does anyone know that if we move the back-end database to SQL Server 2014, hosted on the LAN, that the problem will be resolved ?
Other options are to :
1) host the entire Access application with a remote hosting service.
2) Set-up at least 6 workstations that would be accessed remotely via LogMeIn.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.


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