[AccessD] Fwd: Backend Database corruption using VPN access

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Mon Jul 30 21:25:36 CDT 2018

Latency problem with VPN? 

I sometime see the same problem when local  users are on a slow Wirelss Access point 
rather than a wired connection.

SQL Server should assist since it is more robust in terms of falled transactions.

On 30 Jul 2018 at 21:57, Mark Simms wrote:

> Gang - 
> I was just wondering if anyone has run into this problem:
> 1) LAN-based Access 2016 database
> 2) Remote access for one user via LogMeIn to a connected machine
> 3) Other remote users are using a VPN to access the application
> directly from their remote workstations.
> Certain UPDATE/INSERT operations are causing the back-end database to
> become corrupted... but only when the VPN users are doing the updates.
> The Remote access user does not exhibit this problem....nor do the
> locally connected users.
> Does anyone know that if we move the back-end database to SQL Server
> 2014, hosted on the LAN, that the problem will be resolved ? Other
> options are to : 1) host the entire Access application with a remote
> hosting service. 2) Set-up at least 6 workstations that would be
> accessed remotely via LogMeIn.
> Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.
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