[AccessD] Access 2016 w/MDB's

Jim Dettman jimdettman at verizon.net
Fri Mar 2 15:31:27 CST 2018

 Should not be an issue.

 I don't have direct experience with that setup, but as long as it's in JET
4.0 format and data only, that is still supported in A2016 and there is no
reason to think it would be a problem.

 Starting with A2013, JET 3.x support was dropped.


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Do any of you have experience in running a back-end Access MDB with a
front-end Access 2016 along with other A2k3 and below front-ends?  Data
portion of the Database is MDB format.   I know it can be done, just have a
potential multi-version access front-end project that will be banged on 10
hours a day every day and didn't know how reliable the 2016 version is
running the older MDB format.  Thanks.


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