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> Hi all
> My latest article is two-fold:
> Time Zones, Windows, and VBA - Part 1<
> https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/33988/Time-Zones-Windows-and-VBA-Part-1.html
> >
> Obtaining and using time zones in Windows is not simple. It involves API
> calls and reading the Registry. Some information is localised, and some is
> not. Here you will find a complete set of functions that wraps the
> difficult steps, eases common tasks, and helps when designing user
> interfaces.
> Time Zones, Windows, and Microsoft Office - Part 2<
> https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/33997/Time-Zones-Windows-and-Microsoft-Office-Part-2.html
> >
> Listing and selecting time zones in Microsoft Access and Excel is not
> straight forward. In the previous article was shown how to retrieve the
> time zones of Windows. Here will be demonstrated how to create tables to
> store these and how to display and select a time zone in Microsoft Access
> and Excel.
> I was so tired of all the small bits and pieces collected through the
> years that didn't play well together, that I decided to write a complete
> set of functions for the purpose.
> It also includes yet an example of a CallBack function in Access.
> Both an Access and an Excel demo are attached the articles.
> Full and current code and demos can be found at any time on GitHub:
> VBA.Timezone-Windows<https://github.com/GustavBrock/VBA.Timezone-Windows>
> /gustav
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