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John Colby jwcolby at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 01:43:38 CDT 2021

So far so good it is trivial.

On Tue, Aug 24, 2021, 2:12 AM Gustav Brock via AccessD <
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> Hi John
> I understand, but didn't know about your scenario. Sorry.
> That said, in my opinion, KISS and automating Outlook don't really
> correlate.
> /gustav
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> I really need to cut off all the "you oughta" stuff.  Look, I am a single
> access developer / consultant, who was called out of retirement to assist
> another single access developer / consultant who had developed an Access
> app.
> I work on a laptop.  I work on this project about 20 hours a week around
> my regular job.  My partner works on this project about the same, around
> providing for his family.  My partner is paying (out of his own pocket) for
> a web developer in India to design a web site to sell this app he developed.
> I work on my laptop.  Sometimes I work from my home office with a real
> internet.  The rest of the time I work on my laptop over a cell connection
> with anywhere from 5 bars to ZERO BARS connectivity.  Whatever development
> I do I have to do on a laptop, which may or may not even connect to the
> internet.
> So telling me I should " POST a Json notification to the API of a local
> webserver which then does the order processing in seconds" and the like is
> simply not helpful.
> I thought I'd discuss automating Outlook.  I thought that someone might be
> interested in that.  So far I'm pretty much just getting suggestions on
> what I should be doing from folks that don't have a clue what I am doing.
> And rather than discussing automating Outlook I am discussing everything
> but that.
> From my perspective, KISS.  An order comes in, send me a damned email.
> I'll take it from there.  I can connect whenever I can connect, collect
> the emails, and process them.  In the meantime I can do what I am doing
> completely off line.
> If anyone is interested in Access, classes and automating Outlook, I'm
> ready, willing and able to discuss that.  "Polling servers and JSON files"
> is not something that makes sense for me.
> Thanks for your understanding.
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