[AccessD] 32->64 bit

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 15:23:24 CST 2021

Even after reading several documents on this subject, I am dazed and
confused, although this may be due to the recent concussion that I
suffered. I have the fileWin32API_PtrSafe.txt but I'm not at all sure what
to do with it. There are dozens of Type declarations, , and dozens more
Const declarations, and numerous Declare Function declarations, and I don't
know what I'm supposed to do with them. Occasionally it is clear in said
document which Constants are related to which Function declarations, but
not always.
As noted in the file header, it is too large to load as a single module;
attempts to do so result in an Out of Memory error. (I didn't actually try
it, but I believe its authors.)

Should I open that file in a text editor and then load my Access app, then
search for each DECLARE [Private] Function, then search the text file for
the corresponding declaration, then copy/paste? I really don't know how to


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