[AccessD] 64->32 bit

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Nov 10 02:02:26 CST 2021

Hi Arthur

Stuart is absolutely right. His posts are to the point.

It takes so little to make an application 64-bit compatible that at this point, where you have done half of this little, it makes no sense to spend time rolling it back. Spend the time finishing it; it can't be much you are missing.

In fact, I don't understand this discussion. After all, it is only a few API calls to modify. Should take less than an hour.

These days, where 64-bit is the default installation of Office, there should be a strong and invincible reason to develop an Access application for 32-bit only.


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Emne: [AccessD] 64->32 bit

I just thought 'd change the subject. After much of this discussion, my client and I have concluded that there is little or nothing to be gained by migrating to 64-bit, aside from memory address space, which we don't need.
So now I have to figure out what code I changed during the attempted migration and copy that back to the prior 32-bit version.

Before we abandon the migration, can anyone think of a reason (benefit) to move to 64 from 32?


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