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 You may need it sooner than you think.

 "Out of system resources" has cropped up more and more in Access based
apps.   The memory footprint of Access versions has successively gotten
larger, and people are bumping into the process address limits.   It
typically happens with the more complex apps, but as we continue to move
into the future, I believe Microsoft will reach a point where they consider
the standard is 64 bit and won't worry about constraining themselves with 32

 Keep in mind, 64 bit was released in 2010 and has been available for over a
decade now.   At this point, there is no reason to stick with 32 bit, and
every reason not to.

 They are however making Access 32 bit LAA (Large Address Aware), which
means the process address space will bump up to 3GB, and that will save you
for a bit longer.   If the app is not overly complex, that may allow you to
run for a number of years, but 32 bit will be going away at some point.


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I just thought 'd change the subject. After much of this discussion, my
client and I have concluded that there is little or nothing to be gained by
migrating to 64-bit, aside from memory address space, which we don't need.
So now I have to figure out what code I changed during the attempted
migration and copy that back to the prior 32-bit version.

Before we abandon the migration, can anyone think of a reason (benefit) to
move to 64 from 32?

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