[AccessD] Previous Versions (was Thanksgiving)

Jim Dettman jimdettman at verizon.net
Sun Oct 10 13:59:05 CDT 2021

<<- how do I open old mdb's to compact them so I can open
them with "Access for Microsoft 365" aka Office 16?>>

  You can't.   Since Access 2013, support for MDB's prior to version 4.0 was
dropped and the standalone JET compact no longer exists.

  You need to find someone with A2010 and prior to convert them for you.

  I can do that if you want.


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Made me wonder how old some of mine are. In my Access folder I have a number
of subfolders. Near as I can figure out, my 3 oldest databases are Muir63
(Jan 1993), Books (Apr 1999); dates being the oldest "table created" date.
Books and Muir63 I can open as I keep those both up to date. However, I'm no
longer involved with the Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance race so I can only
open as far back as the "blank" copy of the 2003Ac100, and can't open some
in folder years older than that. I have a folder called 1998, but can't open
the AC100 (modified in 2010) or dsale (modified Jul 1998) mdb files to see
about the date of the oldest table in either of the mdb's in that folder

I have other .mdb files that when I try to open them, I get:
Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application
(Error 3041) Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016
You tried to access a database that is in an outdated format. Compact the
database and then try the operation again.

So, the question is - how do I open old mdb's to compact them so I can open
them with "Access for Microsoft 365" aka Office 16?

Kathryn Bassett (Pasadena CA)
kathryn at bassett.net

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> AccessD is the best site I ever found to exchange ideas and problems with.
> -- I wrote the original code in 2004! (How do I know this? Thanks to
> which plants headers in your code that include StartDate, Aurthor, Purpose
> and so on.) When I look back, I think that trivial apps (those you can
write in a
> week or a month) have formed a small part of what I've written over my
> career.
> I learned a ton from this list, and thanks to you all, I scaled mountains
> didn't think I could climb.
> This is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thank you all! 

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