[AccessD] Previous Versions (was Thanksgiving)

Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Sun Oct 10 14:20:13 CDT 2021

Thanks Jim. I don't need any converted at the moment but my goal for 2022 is
to do some cleanup of many of the things on my computer. Part of that will
be to find, and re-organize, all the mdbs into 4 categories. 1) Those that
are already "365",  2) Those that need to be converted to "365", 3) Those
that I need to keep for historical reason but don't need converting, and 4)
Those that just get dumped. Once I've figured out all the category 2 items,
I will take you up on your offer, or another volunteer if you can no longer
do it when I come up with my list.

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> <<- how do I open old mdb's to compact them so I can open them with
> "Access for Microsoft 365" aka Office 16?>>
>   You can't.   Since Access 2013, support for MDB's prior to version 4.0
> dropped and the standalone JET compact no longer exists.
>   You need to find someone with A2010 and prior to convert them for you.
>   I can do that if you want.
> Jim. 

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