[AccessD] Access plus Excel question

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 12:30:17 CDT 2021

The Access app I'm working on invokes Excel and tis part works perfectly.
Access builds up the XLS filename, complete with path, company, project and
actual XLS filename -- smooth as silk.

One problem remains. What Excel receives is the tabular data and nothing
else. I want to include some header information above the grid in the XLS
file, similar to what I do in the Access report to which the XLS file
A couple of things come to mind. Use an XL template with a few named
ranges, then address those from Access once the XLS file is open, or
reverse the process and have Excel call back to Access and have it return
the data. (Access can make the three items of interest available using
three static functions.) Another notion that occurred to me depends
on whether I can pass parameters to Excel when I invoke it.
Besides these, there are doubtless other approaches I might use to get
there. Any suggestions?

(If it matters, this is all being done in Office 365.)


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