[AccessD] Rescued Machine, now what?

Martin martinreid at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 04:15:45 CDT 2021

Again likely no. You could build a windows VM. Personally I would just use
your Windows machine. Life's to short for this stuff.


On Thu, 23 Sep 2021, 23:48 Arthur Fuller, <fuller.artful at gmail.com> wrote:

> After a couple of dozn attempts to rescue a lovely machine, turns out that
> what worked was the latest install of Linux Mint 20.2. It worked when al
> previous attempts failed.
> The only other thing to make me the happy camper is to figure out how to
> install Access 365 on this machine. I have it running on other boxeses so
> it's non-critical, but this box is sooo pretty that I would love to make it
> work there. I am acquainted eith Wine and so far it's been nothing but
> trouble. Perhaps I'm too old for such stretches of the mind. Or perhaps
> I've been misreading the instructions.
> Goal Make Access 365 work on Linx Mint.
> Steps:
> 1. Try Wine. I don't understand it.
> 2. Give up and just use the Windows-only box.
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> Arthur
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