[AccessD] Fonts

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Thu Sep 30 20:38:28 CDT 2021

Comic Sans MS?  :)

A lot depends on where your application is going to be usedand what fonts the users will 
have installed. (Vairous versions of Windows and Office add *and remove* fonts.  See for 
example the bttom of this page:
"The following are fonts that are removed by Office 2013"

The default WIndows font now is Segoe UI and that doesn't look too bad.

On 1 Oct 2021 at 1:02, Anita Smith wrote:

> I'm wondering if there are certain fonts that are preferable to use in
> apps these days.
> I'm wanting a modern clean looking and easy to read font.
> Anyone have any suggestions out there?
> Anita 
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