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Paul Wolstenholme Paul.W at industrialcontrol.co.nz
Mon Apr 4 23:22:30 CDT 2022


I would start here (but don't ask me about further detail as I would be
1. In the Access application open the VBA window (Alt-F11)
2. In the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, from the menu
select Tools - References.
3. Make the necessary changes (without my help) to link to whatever you now
4. Save the updated Access database file.

Paul Wolstenholme

On Tue, 5 Apr 2022 at 15:42, <dw-murphy at cox.net> wrote:

> All,
> This is probably off topic but I'll ask. About 10 years ago I started
> working with a client whose business is buying and selling industrial
> controllers and associated hardware on eBay. He was keeping track of
> inventory, buying, and selling in an Access application. He had the idea of
> automating many of his eBay interactions through the Access application. I
> created some COM dlls in Visual Studio that interact with api's eBay
> publishes. This extended their functionality to Access. This has worked
> great, until last week. He stared getting an error message "The request was
> aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel". eBay recently moved all
> their connections to use TLS 1.5.
> I looked this up and found that the .NET framework version I was using did
> not support TLS 1.5 but that frameworks 4,7 and above do. So I changed
> frameworks for the dll projects to 4.7 and recompiled and registered the
> dll's. When testing the dll's from a test harness I created in Visual
> Studio
> everything worked fine and communications with eBay were re-established.
> When I added the new dll to the Access application I got the TLS error
> again. Very puzzling, and frustrating. To see if I could see what is going
> on I looked at the network communication from the app using Fiddler. When I
> make the calls from the Visual Studio app I see we are using TLS 1.5. When
> I
> run from Access the communication is using TLS 1.0. Both are referencing
> the
> same dll file.
> This is way beyond my pay grade. I know very little about communication
> security, Windows settings or anything else that might contribute to this
> issue. Posted a question on StackOverflow and have gotten one response so
> far from Albert Kallal which I'll investigate tomorrow. It has to do with
> registry settings on the client computer.
> I know some of you folks on this list work with Visual Studio and Access.
> Have you experienced these issues? Any thoughts on where to look?
> Thanks in advance.
> Doug
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