[AccessD] Was thinking about swithing back to Outooke vut these nsssages are scaring me off

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Wed Jan 5 15:39:31 CST 2022

I still happily use Pegasus Mail. 

I've currently got 13 "identities" set up in it, each for a different email address (which I 
access using POP3). That includes two GMail boxes. 

(My AccessD email address is for an old domain that I hardly use for anything else thee 

On 5 Jan 2022 at 20:55, Gustav Brock via AccessD wrote:

> Hi Arthur
> That´s the beauty of Outlook desktop. It eats any mailserver, thus you
> need only one client to get hold of all your e-mail accounts.
> On my workstation at work, I have permanently hooked up my main
> account, a client´s Exchange Online account (which we service), our
> two test accounts at Gmail, a mail account belonging to web server, I
> have running at a hosting service, and three "normal" Outlook.com user
> style accounts, also used for testing.
> At home, I use the cute Mail app that comes with Windows 11. It can
> also hold several mail accounts, but I use only two actively.

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