[AccessD] Lookup Tables Implementation

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Back in the (old) days when I was BD'ing
I would have a table of control info for an app - still do similar for Excel
Several more columns than were needed for the data  so I could include a key of
'data usage'  and  depending on the data type stickit in an appropriate column
Means that an app could easily be conditioned for individual users - with a
record of their own action/options as to the App processing  
Also - access to that set of data could be  limited  via their windows login
and the user data  'added to the department, and corporate logo etc.  details
for things that were sold on. 


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The basic choices are a physics table and a Value List. I am guessing, and
with no evidence, that if the Lookup has only a dozen rows or fewer, that
it is pointless to create a table, but am also suspecting that there is
overhead involved that I may not be aware of.

Any opinions on this topic?

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