[AccessD] Book or writing template

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sun Oct 2 17:10:29 CDT 2022

On 2 Oct 2022 at 17:08, John Colby wrote:

>  I have googled and I just don't understand the whole template thing. 
> I downloaded and opened several and though they do in fact seem to
> include 'all you need' what they don't do is teach 'these are the
> tasks, and this is how you use them in this template'.

I've done quite a bit of user manual writing with MS Word. LibreOffice should be much the 

Essentially templates define themes and styles such as fonts, line etc spacing, text colour, 
... for different situations.

In Word, you then use these styles by selecting from the "Styles"  menu. (Take a look at all 
of the current styles there in a default document.)

Open a blank document and 
select the style "Title" and type a line of text
go down a line and select "Heading 1" and type some more.
repeat with "Heading 2"
repeat with "Normal"

Then go to the Design menu and try picking different Themes and see how the layout 

Then go back up to just after the Title , select the "References" menu, select Table of 
Contents and insert one (The little down arrow there lets you choose a layout)..

Under the "References" menu, you can also  insert footnotes (which appear at the bottom of 
the page) or endnotes (which appear at the end of your document) at any point in your text..  
You can format these notes by clicking on the tiny box in the bottom left corner of the 
Footnotes menu item.

YOU can also select a word, go to References and "Mark Entry". Repeat a few times and 
then "References - Create Index".

> I am thinking about such things as 'use this font for the main text,
> use this for code, use this for notes'.  How to automatically format a
> section of already written text to be one of those things. 

Just highlight the section and click on the style you want - it will change to the selected style.

The basic idea is you do NOT apply things like font name/size/colour etc to blocks of text. 
All of your formatting is done using your pre-defined styles.


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