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Look at this mess...

LibreOffice templates help

Hundreds.  Try filtering on book.  NOTHING.


On Sun, Oct 2, 2022 at 5:08 PM John Colby <jwcolby at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to write an ebook for my classes and events.  I keep getting
> bogged down in formatting.  TBH I have never written a book before and it
> is a skill I have never mastered obviously.  Anyway, I am trying very hard
> to use LibreOffice Writer rather than Office Word.  I have googled and I
> just don't understand the whole template thing.  I downloaded and opened
> several and though they do in fact seem to include 'all you need' what they
> don't do is teach 'these are the tasks, and this is how you use them in
> this template'.
> My challenge is that I do not expect to make any money on this thing due
> to the limited audience, and so paying much if anything for a Pro to do
> this for me is a problem.  Not to mention that the worse my formatting, the
> more time such a person would have to spend.
> And so I am reaching out to this forum for advice.  I know that Rocky
> wrote his book.  I know that Arthur has written an ebook.  And I know that
> Susan writes for tech magazines.  So perhaps one of you or others on this
> list can recommend a good book (ebook / kindle preferably) which discusses
> the process of writing a book, focusing on using a modern editor to set up
> everything.  And then discuss which if any template you use for your
> writing.
> I am thinking about such things as 'use this font for the main text, use
> this for code, use this for notes'.  How to automatically format a section
> of already written text to be one of those things.  For now I care less
> about 'page and paragraph widows and orphans' and all that. Making  a TOC
> and hyperlinks to get at the correct location would be good.
> I just want to discover 'this is a good template for writing a technical
> book, these are the things that a template does for you, and this is how
> you get these things done using this template'.
> I have a ton written but I need to make the push to get it done.  It was
> written over the years, much of it came from the AccessD emails from long
> ago, I have cut and pasted various things into a single document, and
> therefore I have a mess I need to clean up.
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