[AccessD] Book or writing template

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sun Oct 2 22:14:03 CDT 2022

> I hear your 'you do NOT' but... I already have 60 pages or so where
> (long ago) I actually did that.  Do I have to start from scratch?  If
> I cut and paste does the already selected font/size remain?  

Assuming this is word, when you paste, select Paset Options - Text only and everything will 
be in "Normal" text.  Then go through selecting pieces of text where necessary  and apply 
appropriate style to then 

Header 1 or Header 2, "Strong", "Emphasis" etc where you want you text to stand out 
instead of the old Bold, Italics, larger font etc in the original documentd bold text, 

>I just
> went into the 'load styles from templates', and I have no templates
> (at least by name) even remotely useful for writing a book.  I
> actually found a couple online specifically for 'writing a book' but
> there was no accompanying instructions for how to use.

Don't worry about templates "for writing a book". Just use the default  and as Paul says, you 
can select a template or define your own styles later when it comes to publishing.

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