[AccessD] Book or writing template

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 10:19:30 CDT 2022

John is smart enough to probably write a class that does it all for him. 😉 

Susan H. 

Rocky et. al. ...
I agree with you 100%. There are two tasks: one is writing and the other is formatting. Use LibreOffice if you wish (I prefere MS-Word but that's just me). I have a template created years back, when writing my second book.
First thing I did was open the Normal template (not Create a file from the template, but open the template itself). Then I created a few new styles, the most important in my case being a style called Code. It was in Courier, with a given font size and indents on both sides. I assigned a shortcut (Alt+Shift+C). I created other styles for notes and footnotes and quotes (Jesus, I'm sounding like a rapper 😀.) Anyway, once that was done, it was pretty easy to go through the plaintext copy and format it to suit publication.

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