[AccessD] You may not see me around much more

James Button jamesbutton at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 16:32:25 CDT 2022


Not knowing just how much you may have been right handed, 
Just from a brief encounter with tennis elbow I found that mousing was a pain, 
and not moving the pointer while clicking was nigh impossible.

I was pointed towards an index-finger-ring mounted trackball operated with the thumb that I wore on the left hand.
Found it slowly became reasonably usable control device.
If that is not suitable - then maybe a full rollerball device that is static on the desk with a wrist support (OK forearm bracer)  will help.

Accepting that most keyboards are shaped for 2 handed operation, there are some devices designed for a single hand and some that use the flexing of fingers for composite signals to an interpreting device.

Hopefully your hospital should be able to point you at a source for appropriate devices.

Hoping those suggestions will give you some help to start coping with the frustration? Ok, sheer annoyance with trying to communicate.

Here's hoping that at least the medical aspect of your situation is under control, and remains so for a long time during which you get confident in your managing of the physical situation.

As - stated Bummer!


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