[AccessD] On the subject of backups

Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Sun Jan 22 13:40:15 CST 2023

I use both Dropbox (DB) and an external USB. DB backs up in realtime, and it
keeps historical copies (can't remember how many). For my external drive, I
use SyncBackPro https://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/sbpro.html and have
several profiles. One is for files that are not included in the DB folders:
I have some old dos programs/data that have to be on the C drive, and all my
DB files are on the D drive so they go to one folder on the (4gig) external
(USB) E drive. I have that set up to copy once/month as it seldom changes.
Another copies my outlook.pst into the "Outlook Backup" folder in the DB
folder and that's set up to copy every night when I shut down. Another
profile copies the entire D drive to the USB drive. I have that set to
manual and do it as I feel the need as it includes what already goes to DB.
I have a couple other profiles, but you get the idea.


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> I'm on a mission from God...
> Having lost my boot drive recently, I have decided it is time to get
> about backups.  Yea yea, after the horse is gone...
> Windows File History isn't an all encompassing backup but it seems to
> good reviews for what it does.
> https://www.pcworld.com/article/833338/windows-file-history-review.html
> One thing this article mentions is that File History automatically backs
up all
> *libraries*.  Now libraries are a subject I had no clue about but it seems
> we can create our own libraries which will then be automatically included
> File History backups.
> https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-libraries-windows-10
> So I created a library for 'Development'.  I place all of my dev stuff out
on a
> second partition drive D: with a half dozen or so directories.  So I
created a
> Development library and added all of these directories on drive
> d: and voila, file history will now grab it
> TBH when I clicked "create" apply changes to the library took off and man
is it
> taking awhile.
> I think this will be handy.  I am a budding (or withering, depending on
> you look at it) musician.  I play at the bass and am trying to get a midi
> keyboard working through my computer as well.  I own and really like Band
> A Box as a way to create a 'busking' like thing going and it requires an
> install and a ton of files, plus the stuff that I create.
> So a Library seems in order for that as well.  Automatic backups for that
> At any rate, File History for all the functionality it provides.
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