[Dba-office] To All You Dads

Tina Norris Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Sun Jun 21 15:06:55 CDT 2015

Oh, my!  Big oops.  Meant to put this on OT not on Office.  Clicked too 
soon.  Sorry.

Tina Norris Fields

On 06/21/15 2:25 PM, Tina Norris Fields wrote:
> Hey guys - happy Father's Day!
> Whether you are a father by birth or by choice, or whether you have 
> simply "fathered" someone in some way by giving the kind of guidance 
> and support a father gives - enjoy the day, knowing that you have 
> touched someone's life in a positive way.  Blessings to you all!

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