[Dba-office] To All You Dads

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Sun Jun 21 15:23:23 CDT 2015

I had two real good Father's Day things happen yesterday.

1) I needed new dress slacks.  It happens every 10 or 15 years.  I love
shopping for clothes as much as any guy does.  Which is to say doing my own
root canal seems to be a more enjoyable use of my time.

But Pundit always handles this.  We went together to Macy's, she cruised the
racks, loaded me up with pants, went into the dressing room with me, came
out, did a second load (after we figured out what would fit and what
wouldn't), did a third trip and WALLA! I got me two - one black, one gray -
and they fit!  And of course, she had the handful of coupons so the $150
Ralph Lauren slacks rang up at $47 and a similar price reduction with the
others (don't ask me how she does that - it's part skill, part art).  And
she made sure I came away with a few more unplanned items. And she got an
$80 pair of shoes for $13 (I..I just can't explain it...).

But that's our routine when I need clothes - sometimes I just stand in the
dressing room and she keeps bringing things to me until I call it quits
(like all guys I have a very limited tolerance for trying on clothes).  Then
she knows there's no point in asking me to try on even one more item.  

So a successful trip to the store and I don't have to go back for like,
years.  If I'm lucky.

2) So she also got me a pedicure where she gets her nails done - local
place, we can walk there.  All Vietnamese women.  Anyway, it was my first
pedicure, and I didn't know what to expect.  But the foot massage alone was
worth the price of admission.  I decided to forego the polish but my
toenails instead of looking hacked off like I always do them, are beauties.
She sculpted those bad boys into perfect arcs. My feet never looked so good.


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Hey guys - happy Father's Day!
Whether you are a father by birth or by choice, or whether you have simply
"fathered" someone in some way by giving the kind of guidance and support a
father gives - enjoy the day, knowing that you have touched someone's life
in a positive way.  Blessings to you all!

Tina Norris Fields

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