[dba-SQLServer] Back to the login thing

Haslett, Andrew andrew.haslett at ilc.gov.au
Wed Nov 17 22:41:57 CST 2004

Spot on..

John, for some more info, check out the thread 'Problems registering
database' about a month ago.

I went into detail as to why this is happening -> figured you'd sorted it
out after that, as we didn't hear anything...

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I agree.   

I don't have access to a p2p network but if it insists you are logging on as
Neo2\Guest I doubt you have many options.
It seems to me that as it can't validate the user (DHCP?) it defaults to the
guest account.  

Maybe this will do it...
>From BOL
The guest user account allows a login without a user account to access a
database. A login assumes the identity of the guest user when both of the
following conditions are met: 

The login has access to an instance of Microsoft(r) SQL Server(tm) but does
not have access to the database through his or her own user account.

The database contains a guest user account. 
Permissions can be applied to the guest user as if it were any other user
account. The guest user can be deleted and added to all databases except
master and tempdb, where it must always exist. By default, a guest user
account does not exist in newly created databases. 

For example, to add a guest user account to a database named Accounts, run
the following code in SQL Query Analyzer:

USE Accounts
EXECUTE sp_grantdbaccess guest


Michael M

As we've suggested multiple times, why are you using Windows Only

If this is just an internal system, then there's no need.  Just set up some
accounts using SQL Authentication on the other boxes and connect to it using
this username and password.  Presto. You're done. 


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