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I have started downloading and listening to tech podcasts since my office is
now underground and radio reception here sucks.

I was listening to Mike Tech Show #16 where he's talking about what he uses
for podcasting.  You can find a link to this show at:

Note that this is from June, 2005.  So some stuff may have changed.  Anyway,
he recommends this book form Amazon:
Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide (Paperback)

It is listed as $13 and is rated 4/5 stars with 24 reviews.


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A friend of mine wants to make an Internet radio show which ideally would
also have video and which would be improvised -- a multi-media blog as it
were. I know nothing at all about how to do this. We have a microphone and a
silly little webcam thing, which I suspect is not up to the task. 
What do I need hardware and software-wise to enable this? A digital video
camera, presumably, plus the existing mike. What will record both, and what
will be the output file, and would it be streamable? What stuff do I need to
do this for my friend?

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