[dba-Tech] FW: [AccessD] No display adapter

John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Mon Apr 10 10:46:16 CDT 2006

What video adapter do you have? I just recently had this happen with a
customer's PC. If the adapter used to work with the same version of windows
then I'd suggest you go into Safe Mode and remove the drivers (and the
device itself) from device manager. Reboot into normal mode and windows
should find the "new" video device and load the appropriate drivers.

If Windows doesn't have a driver for it included in its sources and you
don't have a OEM (or otherwise) driver disk from the manufacturer then you
can normally download them from the web if you know which adapter it is.

John B.

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> I had to "repair" my windows installation a few weeks ago.  
> In the middle, it asked for a video driver which I did not 
> have.  I clicked continue and when it was finished it came up 
> with a "non-native" adapter, i.e. I could only get 1024x768.  
> Worse, there is now no "display adapter" in the device 
> manager.  Just not there at all, which means I can't go in 
> through that to install the correct drivers.  When I go in 
> through the desktop, it shows all kinds of conflicts for 
> hardware and doesn't allow me to install new drivers.
> How the heck do I repair this mess?
> John W. Colby
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