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Thu Jun 15 15:15:15 CDT 2006

Hi Jim,

The Yamaha HTD5960 does have a phono input on it. See the data here
It's the top left input jacks.

I have a Yamaha receiver that looks to be similar to this one
excepting it doesn't know about XM radio or IPOD's.  The reason that
receivers needed to have PHONO inputs in the past was that turntables
put out a lower powered signal than other audio gear and so there was
a special "pre-amp" for the phono that was used for the phono input
jacks. Many turntables you find now have the pre-amp built in to the
turntable. You can also buy the phono pre-amp in a seperate device, a
sort of black box which audiofile types supposedly consider better
because there is less chance of crossover between circuitry if it's in
a seperate box rather than crammed in with other stuff.

Don't get blown away by all the inputs and outputs. You only neet to
use the ones you have things to plug into and if you plug in one set
of cords at a time it's not that terrible. Optical connections are
jsut another option for connecting devices. They transmit signals
digitally and so there is no loss of quality or pickup of extraneous
stuff when you use that method of device interconnection. Optical
cords cost more though too.

The Yamaha receivers are intended to serve as the hub for a home
theater system so there are video as well as audio inputs and outputs
on most connections.   You do end up with a huge mess of cables after
you have it all hooked together.

I ordered the USB turntable from Amazon but it is on backorder until
August 31 I think it was. I should have it by winter when I would have
the time to play with it.


On 6/15/06, Hale, Jim <Jim.Hale at fleetpride.com> wrote:
> I have just started this LP to MP3 adventure. I am looking at replacing my
> 30 year old Pioneer stereo amp (the right channel has gotten arthritis kind
> of like its master) First, it turns out very few receivers (it took me two
> hours to figure out "stereos" are now "receivers")have phono inputs. I found
> the Yamaha HTD-5960bl and took one look at the back and about passed out. Do
> I ever feel old! What the hell is  optical I/O? I don't think even the
> starship Enterprise had that feature. My old stereo had inputs for phono,
> the new fangled cassette tape decks, and one extra for good measure. This
> Yamaha sucker has XM radio connections, a bunch of decoders, an ipod dock,
> S-video, etc, etc ,etc. I think there is even an option where you can talk
> to God and possibly the NSA. I hate to put the Pioneer (aptly named now that
> I think about it) out to pasture as we have been through a lot together (I
> just found some of my old original Beatles 45s). It is a sad day when a
> fella's stereo has to be put down. I'm seriously thinking of just buying the
> ION. That I can handle (I think). Are you having any success?
> Jim Hale
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> Stuart,
> Thanks for that link. So far I haven't undertaken vinyl transfers. The
> cassette tapes went horribly wrong. I experimented a few months ago with
> different methods and eventually bought a "PlusDeck" unit which is a 5.25"
> cassette tape unit that mounts in the PC. None of the software works very
> well so I used to it to feed SoundForge but about the time I got everything
> figured out with my test batch of tapes I found that the vast majority of my
> cassettes just don't work anymore! They have a load squeal to them when
> playing :o(
> Maybe I'll have more luck with the vinyl - I hope!
> John B.
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> Some time ago there was a discussion about ripping LPs.
> Just came across this piece of kit for those who still have a lot of old
> records.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/05/24/review_ion_usn_turntable/
Gary Kjos
garykjos at gmail.com

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