[dba-Tech] Word question

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 17:34:47 CDT 2008

Won't work, I don't want to insert a note number in the body of the text. 
I'm using this value as an anchor in a field code -- the formula references 
the value. So, the user needs to see it and update it, but I don't want Word 
to print it as part of the document. Hope that makes sense. I could use a 
macro to grab the value and store it as a variable, but I'm trying to avoid 
that. I want the simplest solution possible right now.

Susan H.

> Have you looked at the notes function? I don't think it prints those 
> unless
> you tell it to, but I've not used them myself, so not totally sure.

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