[dba-Tech] Now why is not Windows written to this standard?

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Fri May 21 10:13:57 CDT 2010

Well there's an obvious answer to your question - I think.  The cost of an
error in the space shuttle is death.  The testing has to be perfect.  The
cost of errors in Windows is lost hair, mostly.  It's not a mission
critical application (for users who do their disk images and/or backups

The 80/20 rule says you're going to spend a huge amount of money uncovering
those last few bugs.  Microsoft COULD make Windows error free but it wold
probably cost $3,000 a copy in stead of $300.  You've worked with
government contracts enough to know the routine.


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Subject: [dba-Tech] Now why is not Windows written to this standard?

I received this link and it made me ask the question...Why can not Windows
be written with the same confidence? Does Windows and virtually all other
software for that matter have to have thousands of errors? Is it because
thousands of jobs depend on those errors? 

if MS could even come close to matching a near perfect Desktop, would they
have any concerns from competition? Is there not checking software that if
given time and the right testing scenarios can virtually uncover any bug?
But what do I know?



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