[dba-Tech] My Outlook is Screwed

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 07:29:16 CST 2011

Any problems with Google apps? I didn't know about the email -- that's kind 
of cool.

Susan H.

> Hi Rocky,
> Google have a free "Gmail for Domains" service.  They call it Google Apps.
> I have set up over 100 of these accounts for friends and neighbours in the
> last couple of years.
> You create an account with google apps (standard
> edition<http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en-GB/group/index.html>is free
> - you do not need the premium edition)
> Google provide you with some unique data that you then upload to your 
> domain
> registrat (Go Daddy or whomever you use)
> Google verify you own the account.
> You create users in google for your domain eg, rocky.smolin at bchacc.com, or
> max.smolin at bchacc.com
> Optional step, You assign nicknames to the users, eg, Rocky, info, sales,
> support, papa, themainman
> then you go back to Go Daddy and change your MX records to point to google
> servers.
> No more backup, no more spam, no more email virus's, no more deleting 
> files,
> no more slow searching,
> all email will come from  your domain as if you had an expensive exchange
> server and it is all free.
> Also, you have shared calendars and groups and a whole lot more.
> You can leave your existing website where it is, no need to change that, 
> but
> in the future, you have the option of asking google to host the site also,
> and then you have free hosting also.
> As I mentioned, if you have any questions, just ask.

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