[dba-Tech] The future of 2012

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 2 12:41:22 CST 2012

This year is going to an exciting year in the computer world.

The news around such databases using Map Reduce and this NewSQL. Though very
interesting, it is not the full or even the main story. For example, the
Hadoop project is not so much a database engine as much as an distributive
application engine. 

There are products out there that leave out the database component and have
focused on just the DAE part. The current leader in this generalist
technology is ERWIN (http://erwin.com/) but there are many more such
applications... Check out Node.js (http://nodejs.org/), tuned for your web
servers, which not only will load balance, between the CPUs on your server
or Cores but has application distributive capabilities across all networked

This of course is just the start. When the new Raspberry computer goes on
sale later this year for an estimated $35.00 (http://www.raspberrypi.org/)
...plus the cost of an SD card.

Much of this new technology is being transferred to the Cloud and to
Corporate interests and profits but for those who want a degree of privacy
or wish to "roll-their-own" system there are now the tools to do it; all it
needs is some bright and dedicated developer to assemble all the components.

Imagine if you will, a network of 10 interconnected computers, like the
Raspberry, using a distributive application engine, add packages like
FreeNAS (http://www.freenas.org/) or any other Open NAS product to handle a
hard drive cluster, you would have quite a package. 

It could be possible to create a network, using a few 100 watts or even just
batteries that would give a 10 to 15K HP Proliant system, a run for its
money, for just an outlay of a thousand. Intriguing?


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