[dba-Tech] An very interesting summary

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 2 12:59:38 CST 2012

Here is a very interesting summary to the new technologies and direction of
those technologies in the next years. 

Though I find the entire article a worthy read, one paragraph particularly
caught my attention. That is the suggestion that Windows is moving away from
a desktop OS model and that structure, we have previously relied on, will no
longer be supported.

The Windows 8 Developer Preview dropped like a bomb on the development
community. With the new Metro UI and WinRT API, it became clear that
Microsoft has no intention of putting additional effort into the traditional
desktop market. You can doubt "the tablet effect" all you want, but it is
obvious that Microsoft thinks it is real. Unless there is a significant
shift in Microsoft's strategy between now and the final launch (rumored for
second half of 2012, possibly as early as August), we can expect that the
traditional desktop is going to be categorized as "maintenance only" and
eventually drop entirely off Microsoft's radar. Also of note: Where do
languages like Ruby, Python, and Java fit into the Windows 8 ecosystem? They
might not work at all in pure Metro/WinRT mode. We need to get ready.

For me it comes as a mixed blessing; my desktop application will not have a
supporting platform, I had better get my web skills tuned up, significantly
and the clients will have to have their pocket books open. 

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