[dba-Tech] New Windows 8 and Linux

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 19 13:50:32 CST 2012

It looks like the new Windows 8 computers, on new PC hardware, will no
longer dual boot.

This effectively means Linux may be impossible to install on all new PCs
that ever had and will have Windows 8 OEM installed. 

Welcome to the new Windows 8 world.


Couple this with the new UEFI boot chips (the new BIOS replacement chip)
capability to actually connect to the internet and the new Windows OS may
not even start if it is deemed that the PCs Windows OS has not been properly
installed, has been tampered with, not authenticated or even is now working
in a updated hardware environment.

This is real "Big Brothers" stuff right out of science fiction.

Given the absolute control displayed but the Mac world and now the PC
Windows world, complete Linux migration starts looking better and better.

...Mind you may have to code break the PC to do that, and that may be
considered illegal worthy of a large fine, jail time and the removal of all
rights to use a computer for up to a year. Welcome to the new world order.


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