[dba-Tech] New Windows 8 and Linux

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 19 14:07:36 CST 2012

On 1/19/2012 1:50 PM, Jim Lawrence wrote:
> It looks like the new Windows 8 computers, on new PC hardware, will no
> longer dual boot.
> This effectively means Linux may be impossible to install on all new PCs
> that ever had and will have Windows 8 OEM installed.
> Welcome to the new Windows 8 world.
> http://tinyurl.com/6w4hd39
> Couple this with the new UEFI boot chips (the new BIOS replacement chip)
> capability to actually connect to the internet and the new Windows OS may
> not even start if it is deemed that the PCs Windows OS has not been properly
> installed, has been tampered with, not authenticated or even is now working
> in a updated hardware environment.
> This is real "Big Brothers" stuff right out of science fiction.
> Given the absolute control displayed but the Mac world and now the PC
> Windows world, complete Linux migration starts looking better and better.

Time for *Nix developers to get busy filling the Win-*Nix usability gap!


> ...Mind you may have to code break the PC to do that, and that may be
> considered illegal worthy of a large fine, jail time and the removal of all
> rights to use a computer for up to a year. Welcome to the new world order.
> ;-)
> Jim
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