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Hi Gustav and Shamil:

It has come to my attention that a voice recognition product called MyCroft has just released an Open Source major component of AI language application called Adapt or Adapt Intent Parser (AIP). In summary the product is built on Python and therefore runs on any platform and if the appropriate natural language English is spoken to it, it will generate JSON data that can be used in generating any subsequent Skill Set.


The hope is that, as the code is OS, the syntax of other languages can be designed. Within a year the entire package will be available and it will be small enough to comfortably fit on a Raspberry PI. The package not being immediately driven via a remote server gives it the potential of running on personal desktop/tablet/smartphone/robotics applications and on websites.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter program that initiated the product:

Other language AIPs are being worked on but how far these ventures have progressed is unknown.

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Hi Shamil

To my knowledge, Cortana is for a limited selection of languages only which – at least – doesn’t include Danish, so I can’t use ”her” as I don’t want to set up the phone for UK or US.
That said, my life isn’t really that complicated that I need a butler to stay clear of trouble, so I don’t miss the feature, except that it could be fun.


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Hi Gustav --

I have got purchased Lumia 950 today with Win10.

Do you use Cortana and if yes how do you set it (her?) up?
It doesn't speak Russian (and as far as I see it doesn't speak Danish language too), and to activate it to speak/recognize English I have to setup my region as UK or US, but if I'll do that I can loose my Win Store accounts etc.... sounds very weird - am I missing something?

Thank you.

-- Shamil
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