[dba-Tech] Safety-engineering question

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 14:20:36 CDT 2016

Does anybody on this list know something about this rather specialized
discipline? It involves visiting factories and assessing their workstations
for compliance to a given set of rules, and then producing reports for the
given manufacturer stating either A-OK or this and that workstatiion must
be modified in this or that way to comply with the regulations.

I have written an Access app which does all this, and also deals with the
fact that these regulations are dictated by province rather than
federally.I;m looking for a potential partner in this project,  who is
acquainted with this turf. I am open to replies from readers in the USA,
the Eu, and elsewhere/ I've done most of the legwork already, and also
devised a schema that renders the regional differences a mere matter of
providing templates for the region of interest. (In the Canadian case, that
means a dozen templates; the user selects the province or territory, and
the appropriate templates are loaded.)

I'm porting this app to Alpha Anywhere, for several reasons. First, AA will
let it run on phones, tablets and web without changes to the code. Second,
it won't work on phones -- way too much data to intake -- but it's ideal
for tablets Third, since the Alpha team has thought deeply about the
input-problems inherent in a tablet-based app, and solved them all, it's a
natural fit.

What I'm looking for, first of all, is a developer or three that knows this
space -- factories, workstations, inspections, and government-mandated

If this is of interest to you, please contact me privately at
fuller.artful at gmail.com. Following your contact, we can discuss where you
might fit into this project, how you might be able to contribute, and so

As you might have already surmised, this is not an app for the masses.
Rather, it's an app for owners of factories. A relatiively narrow market, I
realize, but on the other hand, given the number of factories in the world,
I'm willing to give it a go. Factories and regulations differ widely from
nation to nation, and that's why I'm seeking your help. It's a narrow
niche, I admit that, but on the other hand if you know something about it
and have clients in this sphere, maybe something significant can happen.

There's nothing I would love more than to see this happen on an
international scale, I know that I have written something that could be
useful in various manufacturers and safety-inspection engineers worldwide.
I would love this to happen.

fuller.artful at gmail.com

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