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Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 06:37:28 CDT 2017

Speaking of Edge... once I upgraded to 10, I decided to use Edge a bit. I
like it okay and it was fast -- at first. Within days, it slowed down. I'm
not running any extensions or unusual settings. Flash is installed, but set
to ask to run when prompted -- it doesn't run automatically and usually, if
I see that prompt, I ignore it. There's not much I really need badly enough
to run it.

But, any ideas why Edge has slowed down? I'm not running AdBlocker, I am
using Windows Defender.

Susan H.

> My best advice - implemented at our office machines as well - is simply
> not to install Flash. Use the Edge browser where you can switch it on if
> you really need it, and - if so - it will automatically and silently be
> updated by Windows Update.
> And if you are not joking about being paranoid, remove Chrome at once,
> which is the tool for Google to track all (as in all) your doings on the
> web, and use the InPrivate setting of Edge, turn on Windows Defender
> SmartScreen, and have Adblock Plus installed.
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> Wow.  That was easy.  Thank you.
> I'm not one of those paranoids that suspects everyone is watching them.
> But
> I just didn't like the idea that MS could log into my box when they wanted
> to.  I know there's no one interested in me enough to do that. But still...
> Now, next question - why do I have to update Adobe Flash EVERY time I
> restart my comp?  Is it because they're hoping that one time I'll forget to
> uncheck installing McAffee? Or do they really have software that's so buggy
> it needs updating 4 times a week?
> Rocky
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