[dba-Tech] Some assembly required

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 23 15:05:24 CST 2017

Here is a new Linux version, called NixOS, that will allow a developer to assemble desktop and server systems, from a single location, then broadcast the assemblies across the network and/or internet and then test the new system in various locations for functionality and required features. If the builds are not correctly created, it is just as easy to roll-back the assemblies. This process could be very useful for rolling out locked-down custom designed systems holding all the features and applications required.

Here is a link to the Linux distro:

Here is a basic overview:

Some samples:

A broad research paper on the concepts of what this version of Linux is attempting to apply:

In the unlikely event that an assembled distribution goes side-ways, here is a sample of code that can recover a system in a lock condition:

I have just started playing with this new version but currently have insufficient experience to recommend it one way or the other. I have sent an email to a serious developer and hope to have some insights and hands-on experience into NixOS use and deployment. If you are thinking of testing this out, you can grab a prebuilt NixOS container. There is many sites explaining how to built a NixOS instance and even Bash scripts, to automate the process:


(Hope to be able to deploy an installation via KLM/Docker/LXD within a few federated Container instances...should be great fun.) 


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