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There is enough information that anything you do or anywhere you go can be followed back to you and an association to all your friend and contacts can be established.

Earlier this year I received a legal letter saying that I personal had been downloading a certain set of movies. I had not, so I reported the information back to my ISP who informed me that according to the IP address, a number of movies had been downloaded and they are legally obligated to pass the notice along. If I was living in the states, I could have ended up defending myself in court. Considering that the alleged movies had been downloaded to my address when we were on holidays is strange indeed. Apparently, someone had been able to fake my IP address. 

For years I have had access to PBS documentaries via the internet. Then up went the geofencing but I had a VPN, then finally even that was blocked. There is now a 'black-list' of many IP addresses from most VPN type servers...because if an address can not be tracked to it real location it is assumed as illegal. Considering that I have had an auto-payment plan to PBS for years it was a bit insulting. Rest assured I no longer support PBS through their patron program. They have subsequently sent me a couple of requests as to why, as I, a long time customer, would cancel my pledge. I said grant me access and I will continue. Unfortunately, due to legal obligations, with their suppliers, they can not.

The VPN is still a very effective way of obliterating all my specifics, as there is enough details normally broadcast as to allow anyone to be able to create a fairly unique finger-print. So now we have to up our game when doing any communication through out the internet. End to end encryption, encrypted pipes (SSH/SSL), mesh networks, floating IP addresses and so on, are tools needed in today's world. As the argument goes, do I have anything to hide, probably not but do I have something to protect, definitely.       


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WTF?   There is ZERO  personal  information there - it's just showing standard DNS,  
internet routing and HTML header info.
Can you spell "paranoia" ?  :-)

On 17 Oct 2017 at 14:55, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> Hi All:
> How open is your personal ID and other specifics available on the
> internet. Click the following link and see:
> https://www.askapache.com/online-tools/whoami/ Don't forget to press
> on the button marked; "Show my Information" for a complete dump of all
> your stats.
> The above example is very simple but given the ability to
> cross-reference all your data with all your online transactions,
> listing all your contacts and family and now adding in your financial
> and medical records, you are now more exposed than ever to every
> online person or organization who wants to take advantage of you. 
> Maybe we should start looking for methods that will protect the
> identities of our clients, our familes and ourselves.(?) To that end
> there is many technologies being actively developed.
> An open network for secure, decentralized communication.
> https://matrix.org/
> ...and how it all works: https://matrix.org/#about
> There is the new distributive protocol IPFS which I have discussed
> before. https://ipfs.io/ ...and an overview
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CMxDNuuAiQ 
> There is a new form of money that has all the encrypted feature of
> Bitcoin but is absolutely not traceable, is not limited and has fast
> transactions. This and a number of other privacy and security projects
> are under the umbrella project, Monero. 
> https://getmonero.org/the-monero-project/
> Monero is the leading cryptocurrency with a focus on private and
> censorship-resistant transactions.
> https://getmonero.org/get-started/what-is-monero/
> What is Kovri? Kovri is a free, decentralized, anonymity technology.
> https://getkovri.org/
> What is OpenAlias? OpenAlias seeks to provide a way to simplify
> aliasing amidst a rapidly shifting technology climate. Users are
> trying to cross the bridge to private and cryptographically secure
> infrastructure and systems, but many of them have just barely started
> remembering the email addresses of their friends and family.
> https://openalias.org/
> Jim
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