[dba-Tech] The Monero Project

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Oct 17 22:30:32 CDT 2017

If I use a Private Window in Firefox with tracking protection enabled, I am not leaking and 
information to websites I visit.  

My ISP NATs traffic, so all that a website knows about me is that I am one of a million of so 
users of Digicel PNG.  

On 17 Oct 2017 at 21:01, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> There is enough information that anything you do or anywhere you go
> can be followed back to you and an association to all your friend and
> contacts can be established.
> Earlier this year I received a legal letter saying that I personal had
> been downloading a certain set of movies. I had not, so I reported the
> information back to my ISP who informed me that according to the IP
> address, a number of movies had been downloaded and they are legally
> obligated to pass the notice along. If I was living in the states, I
> could have ended up defending myself in court. Considering that the
> alleged movies had been downloaded to my address when we were on
> holidays is strange indeed. Apparently, someone had been able to fake
> my IP address. 
> For years I have had access to PBS documentaries via the internet.
> Then up went the geofencing but I had a VPN, then finally even that
> was blocked. There is now a 'black-list' of many IP addresses from
> most VPN type servers...because if an address can not be tracked to it
> real location it is assumed as illegal. Considering that I have had an
> auto-payment plan to PBS for years it was a bit insulting. Rest
> assured I no longer support PBS through their patron program. They
> have subsequently sent me a couple of requests as to why, as I, a long
> time customer, would cancel my pledge. I said grant me access and I
> will continue. Unfortunately, due to legal obligations, with their
> suppliers, they can not.
> The VPN is still a very effective way of obliterating all my
> specifics, as there is enough details normally broadcast as to allow
> anyone to be able to create a fairly unique finger-print. So now we
> have to up our game when doing any communication through out the
> internet. End to end encryption, encrypted pipes (SSH/SSL), mesh
> networks, floating IP addresses and so on, are tools needed in today's
> world. As the argument goes, do I have anything to hide, probably not
> but do I have something to protect, definitely.       

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