[dba-Tech] Stupid Phones, anyone?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 30 15:21:52 CDT 2019

Cell phone are built for people with good eyes and small fingers. But I limp along. OTOH, I love it. I can and virtually do anything on it; emails, listen to podcasts and music of every kind, phone conversations, voice or voice plus image, messaging, remotely connect to all my computers, transfer files from one computer to another, store files (added an 80GB chip), watch movies (can even connect and project phone display to a standard smart TV), take photos, edit those photos, keep timers and appointments, roam the internet, find any store/place/location and get directions on how to get there. A good laptop may be better, in some circumstances but a small device in the pocket is all I usually need when away from the house or just moving around. My system isn't at all new; version 5, Samsung. 

The only reason I may upgrade is for a much better camera (3D), 5G connection speeds and the potential of 512GB of simm space but I will wait for the Huawei phones to come down in price.


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I guess that I'm on the distantly trailing edge of the phone domain. I have
an LG phone two or three years old, which has some games on it, plus Chrome
and email and God only knows what else. I have never even once used it to
text or read email or surf the net. I think of it as a phone. As for all
the other net-activities, I have laptops for that.
Maybe I'm alone in this, but I wish that some manufacturers and service
providers would wake up to the fact that I don't need all this superfluous
crap, and charge me substantially less per month since I don't want, need,
or use any of the other "features" they are peddling.

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