[dba-Tech] Chinesee hardware/software tech Advancements

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 28 21:24:01 CDT 2019

In the last two weeks there has been announced a few solid tech advancements coming out of China.

1. China's Alibaba is making a 16-core, 2.5 GHz RISC-V processor:

2. Alibaba is releasing the code for their new XT910 on Github 


3. Huawei has just released it beta version of its new phone OS:
http://bit.ly/32gLbxL and http://bit.ly/32a2MXP

There is a similarity to Google's in development, OS called Fuchsia. Considering both Google and Huawei's development teams worked together for years, it may not be that much of a coincidence: 

The new Fuchsia's features and capabilities are quite incredible:

4. Huawei just finished building an AI chip which it claims is the world's most powerful AI processor:


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