[dba-Tech] Games of Linux

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 9 12:22:55 CDT 2019

Hi All:

There has always been the concerns on whether serious gaming can be done on Linux.

I have found it amazing how many people come home after a day at the office, the company or finishing a rough day at school and start gaming. For me who thinks games are a total waste of time, I do not truly understand this need but Gaming on computers is larger than Movie viewing and Movie viewing is huge...who would have guessed(?).

To that end, anyone wishing to brave the strange world of Linux but fearing that they will lose Gaming ability, well that is not so. Gaming companies are staring to first build their games to run on Linux and additionally, there are companies that are actively designing templates so older games can also run. If as a Gamer you want to run a specific Game package and you have access to a Linux box, here is where you can check it out:

The company called Stream. This company makes their living selling games and Windows Games modified to run on a Linux desktop, for download. There are a number of older titles and many of the newest games:


The following sites rate the compatibility and popularity of various Linux and Windows games that run on Linux:




Aside: Though there may be games that are free or even sold at a reduced price, that run on Linux...and Windows for that matter, this is like any other business where games are sold at the market price.



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