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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Gustav:

Thanks for posting the link...good work. I will send the link on to one of my daughters and my wife who are iPhone users.

My Daughter has been updating her iPhone ringtones for a long time. I have no idea how she does it. She has even created some of her own.

Top of the New Year to you and your family. :-)


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Hi all

We (me and wife) had to abandon our beloved Lumia Windows Phones, as availability of functional apps has diminished below a critical level. Not wishing to be tracked from end to end by evil Google nor messing around with numerous Android versions not being updated by manufacturers, we decided for iPhone 8.

That's a neat piece of hardware, though the interface - compared to Windows Phone - needs a major brushup. Given, that Apple is preferred by many, if not most, creative people, I was surprised and disappointed to find only a dull selection of ringtones installed. iTunes is not an option for me - Spotify is much better and cheaper too - thus, no ringtones from that source. 

By searching here and there, I managed to get some collections of the ringtones from the various editions of Windows Phone and a tool to bring them to the iPhones, and collected the bits and pieces in an article:

Bring Windows Phone ringtones to iPhone

It brought some relief to me.

Happy New Year!

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